Overview of the Automail supply chain collaboration software

Automail v11 - Private GitHub repository


Automail is a proprietary software designed for efficient collaboration in the supply chain. It uses artificial intelligence and emails to exchange data and communicate with supply chain partners automatically.

Automail is a modular web application that can be easily adjusted to a specific business process. It covers transactions (i.e. data inputs), monitoring (i.e. tracking if supply chain partners provided the requested data), as well as basic reporting. It can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises using Agile software deployment methodologies.

Data Collection Process

The general process is as follows:

  1. Automail generates an Autoform link with prefilled data for a specific context. The link has a unique hash and is valid until submission only.

  2. The link is sent to the supply chain partner via email.

  3. The supply chain partner provides the required data on the Autoform page and clicks submit.

  4. The data gets pulled into Automail.

Want to jump right in?

Install Automail locally for development and deploy in PROD:

Want to deep dive?

Dive deeper into the configurations to get an idea of what is possible with Automail:

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